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Hi, I am Kristina!

Welcome! Some of you may know who I am from becoming my client through the years. Some of you may not know me at all. If you are a client of mine, you might know these things about me already. If you do not know who I am, I want to thank you for visiting! I hope you get to know me a little better by the end of this post. Maybe I will get to know you in the future! My name is Kristina Nicolai and I have to say that writing this is not easy for me! I am not someone who sits down and shares all of my interests and hobbies at once. Most of my clients get to know me through their appointments through the years. When asked what is new in my life or for my seasoned clients, “What new projects are you working on now?”, that is when I start sharing what I am up to in my everyday life. Before I started this journey of trying to write a blog for my clients, my life before was always go, go, go. I worked at the salon and at a school teaching cosmetology and esthetics. My life used to revolve around my career 24/7. My life has changed a bit over the past year. I decided to dedicate all of my time to my business behind the chair and to my clients. I took a step back from teaching to be able to do this. I wanted to focus on doing hair since it is my first love. With this transition, I am finding some extra time in my life. Everyone who knows me can guess I am filling that time with other interests.

This past year, as my life started to transition, I have learned how much I enjoy learning new skills. It has become an outlet for me to relax. I have two raised vegetable gardens and started composting! Who knew composting could bring excitement into your life? I can be nerdy at times. I was ecstatic that this year I produced 7, 5-gallon buckets of compost by fall! This accomplishment is exciting! I cannot wait to plan out my garden for next year! What excites me about composting and gardening is that I love to cook! It is a beautiful cycle to me. I can take my kitchen scraps and turn them into compost that will feed my garden to produce veggies. I then turn those vegetables into a mouthful of deliciousness! A fun fact about me is that I live a plant-based lifestyle. I have been plant-based since the end of 2018 and I love it more every year! This year I finished my first plant-based cooking course to learn more kitchen skills and am now starting my second one! I will keep you posted on all of the yummy recipes I make!

This summer, I learned how to mountain bike, and this winter I just learned how to downhill ski! Some other hobbies I have started getting into are woodworking, designing, and creating my landscaping. I live in the world of creativity at work. That creativity overflows into my daily life. It has been a fun journey to design how I want my landscaping and then watch it come together! It can be a lot of work, but I know I will enjoy the results in the end. I also have an obsession with reading! I have to thank my 6th-grade teacher for making me fall in love with reading. She would read books to us in class and act out the voices of each character. How could you not love reading after being transported into other worlds and times sitting in your classroom? For all of my book lovers out there, I love receiving recommendations and I would be happy to share some of mine. Book club anyone?

Other fun facts: I have an amazing fiance who I love spending time with! We just purchased our first home and we are looking forward to our wedding this year! I also have a dog named Maleea. She keeps life exciting by getting into mischief and knowing she is not supposed to be doing those things. I swear she understands English and will talk back to me when I lecture her on how she is supposed to act. I know I have a lot of animal-loving clients out there and if you haven’t told me about your pets, please do! Well, that about sums me up! Thanks for reading, I hope to see you at the salon soon!

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