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Refinery Hair Company

I moved to the Refinery Hair Company in Flint, MI just over three years ago. It was the first time I had moved to a different salon in my career. It was scary at first because I needed to ensure it was a good fit for me, but most importantly my clients. I cannot say enough positive things about the Refinery Hair Company and our owners! Joining the Refinery Team has been the best decision for my career. The culture Dan and David have cultivated is hands down the best in the area! I have never felt so supported and cared about. I also work with talented individuals who inspire me every day to be the best stylist for my clients! I believe my clients feel the same way about the Refinery. It is inviting, designed beautifully, and makes you feel like you are coming home. I love coming to work since it feels like coming home! When you stop in, make sure to ask for their specially crafted Refinery Tea while you are getting pampered!

For my career, I have chosen to work at a salon. Today there are many options for stylists to choose from when it comes to their work environment. A stylist has the option to work in a salon, own a salon suite, own their own salon, have a mobile salon, or have a salon out of their house. Through a stylist’s career, they may alternate between these options depending on their lifestyle during that time. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. I have always worked in a salon. I love the environment where I can collaborate with co-workers, have my career and personal life separate, and not have 100% of the responsibilities that a salon business owner has. This option works for my lifestyle and has since the beginning of my career. If one of the other options I have talked about calls to you as a stylist, then do it! Be happy and have the best career that you could ever give yourself! As a client, you also need to decide what atmosphere you want when getting your hair done. This decision can influence where you go and who your stylist will be.

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