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Why Does My Stylist Want Me to Buy Products from them?

When it comes to purchasing products, most people want the best deal that they can find. I am right there with you! However, hair and skin care products are the two things that I look for the best quality and sometimes quality isn’t cheap. When I am talking to clients about products for their hair, most will ask what they can get at a drug store, Wal-Mart, Meijer, Kroger, or Amazon. Here is the problem with buying hair and skin care products through these retailers.

Regular Store:

  • Products are watered down

  • Full of chemicals, fragrances, parabens, and preservatives

  • Professional companies like Redken do not sell to these stores (Shocker, isn’t it? I would be questioning any Redken products you find in stores. If you don’t believe me a few years ago Redken put a statement out to the public informing the world that they only sell to licensed professionals and licensed salons.)


  •  Check to see if it is a person selling the product, most likely they have used the actual  product and filled the container with something else

  • If it is directly from Amazon then yes it is safe to buy because Amazon has a license to sell professional products. (Remember Amazon doesn't support the salon you go to. Your salon is a small business.)

Professional Products (From a licensed salon):

  • Concentrated

  • No:

o Chemicals

o Fragrances

o Parabens

o Preservatives

  • Designed for stylists and clients

When you buy products from these stores you may not get what you believe you are paying for. Clients who are taking the time to go to a salon to have their hair professionally done are investing in their hair. You as a client are spending good money to have your hair look good. Why would you not invest in the products you are using on your hair to keep it looking and lasting longer?

Do any of you have issues with fragrances? Most people are becoming sensitive to fragrances that are added to products. You might be wondering how professional products smell good, but do not leave you being hypersensitive. This is because there is a difference between fragrances and sense. Fragrances that are added to products are chemically produced to give off a smell. Those chemicals can irritate us. A sense that is added to products is naturally produced and does not irritate. Professional products use these natural senses in products.

Professional products from a licensed salon are quality products. Some specialized lines were designed by professional stylists. What does this mean? A stylist is educated not just in the techniques of doing hair, but in the science behind it. Stylists when doing hair need the product that we are using to work to give the client what they want or need. That means that these lines have a product for all clients. Frizzy hair, no problem. Flat hair, we got you. Curly hair, we understand the struggle. The other major pro to using professional products is that the products are concentrated. What does this mean? A little product goes a long way. You do not need to use half the can of hairspray in one setting. A few mists and you are set. When it comes to professional shampoo, you only need a dime size and then I tell clients that if they feel they need more product to add water first.

If this hasn’t convinced you to start buying from a licensed professional salon, I bet I can guess why. You are probably thinking, Kristina I am on a budget and I just can’t afford the expensive products at the salon. I understand being on a budget, but let’s do a cost breakdown. Let’s use shampoo. A professional shampoo at a salon will probably cost around $30 whereas a store-bought shampoo will cost around $10. I know what you are thinking…look at that $20 price difference. Kristina, I am going with that store's shampoo. Just hold up a minute. Let’s say that you are good and only shampoo your hair 3 times a week, 12 times a month. I would bet that you have to buy that store shampoo once a month because it is watered down and you have to use a quarter size or more every time you are shampooing your hair. A professional shampoo that you are using 3 times a week should last you 3-6 months depending on how thick and long your hair is. I know my shampoo lasts me 6 months or longer and I shampoo my hair about 3 times a week. Let’s do some math. In 6 months, I shampoo my hair about 72 times with my $30 bottle of shampoo. $30 divided by 72 is .41 cents it costs me every time I shampoo my hair. If I were using a store shampoo, $10 times 6 (how many bottles I am probably buying) is $60. $60 divided by 72 is .83. If I were buying store-bought shampoo it would cost me 83 cents every time, I shampoo my hair. It is more cost-effective to go with that $30 bottle of professional shampoo.

One more tip before I end my rant. I know sometimes it is more convenient to purchase your products online and you can find professional products online through the distributor. However, most salons can only stay afloat if retail is being sold. If you love your stylist and think your stylist does a great job, please support your stylist and the salon they work at by purchasing all of your products through them. If the salon that your stylist is at closes because they can’t afford to stay open, you might end up losing your stylist or having to travel further if your stylist has to change salons. Please support local businesses! We thank you!

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